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  2. Benefits to VIP

    Hello. I donated. IGN is Bơ Frost (VFrost)
  3. Earlier
  4. Alpha test for new Health_Pak

    NEW SERVER CONTENT I will be running a Alpha-Test for the new Health-Pak before releasing finished version on Workshop. It works just like the Ammo_Box but with Health and Armor.
  5. Benefits to VIP

    I donated too!
  6. New blackpounds

    the new black pounds that were added are waaaay to op for the stage they spawn at which seems to be wave 1 from my experieence they have too much hp and make the rounds unplayable
  7. Server isn't showing: Down

    There is a lot of custom content. Every patch I have to fix each thing manually for it to work again. Due to my work schedule and health issues with a family member it has taken longer than usual but it is up now.
  8. Like title says. Server not showing on server list. Server is likely down or in need of an update.
  9. Issue resolved and all custom weapons were in the shop and had client animations/sounds. I can assume that a subscription that was in conflict with your pack somehow made it into the new folder when I attempted the fix the last time. User error in my case. Thanks and sorry.
  10. Attempting to retry the cache folder fix one more time to ensure there isn't any user error on this, will let you know shortly.
  11. Before I had the content pack, I could see all the custom weapons in the shop list, but they wouldn't display when in use because I didn't have the content pack. I could see the turrets and generally everything not weapon related. I subscribed to the content pack. All of the custom weapons are no longer in the shop, I can no longer see the TF2 turrets either. I deleted my cache folder (whole thing) let the game redownload it, unsubscribed from all content except your content pack. Rejoined server, had to download a few odds and ends that aren't included in your content pack ( like mobs, maps, ect), with this fresh cache folder, still do not see any of the custom shop items. Haven't seen a turret ( due to lack of players) so I dunno if those are still broken.
  12. Benefits to VIP

    I donated love this server!
  13. Benefits to VIP

    I donated/ingame name is Balihigh thanks!!
  14. Benefits to VIP

    I donated.
  15. Benefits to VIP

    I donated

    SUMMER CARNIVAL ZEDS ENDLESS WAVE KF-JAYWALKERS MAP ADDED CUSTOM WEAPONS IN-GAME DISCORD CONNECT AND CHANNEL INFO Join the server and level up your perks! Cya in the Game! Visit us at our new Steam group Portal Page! Join our Forums and stay up to date with new

    I have recently added a Discord server and incorporated it into KF2 to make connection easier in game. Feel free to use it. OSGKF2DISCORD
  18. If you are having problems connecting even after subscribing to our workshop please feel free to download our server content offline or out of game. I have uploaded all required files to a zip file. to install offline without waiting in game for everything to download. Make sure KF2 is CLOSED. Download and extract the contents to (.. Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame\Cache). You will still have to be subscribed to server workshop content due to KF2 replication problems. Thank you for playing! Enjoy! Start KF2 and Join the server. Download=====> Cache
  19. Connection problems?!

    This means the server is showing someone with your ID already on the server. This happens because you try and connect again after either aborting the first attempt or a timeout. The thing to consider is your actions are not simultaneous. Just because you aborted...the action must travel to the server take effect and travel back to you the client. So their is a timed delay before you are good to rejoin the server that could depend on your location or connection type. I advise closing the game... wait 5 seconds restart the game and try rejoining the server. The reason I say close the game is because their is a memory leakage issue with the game. So even though you are disconnected it takes the game a bit to catch up with that fact.
  20. Benefits to VIP

    I Donated!
  21. Connection problems?!

    I uninstalled KF2 and re-installed and it worked i can connect to the server now.
  22. Connection problems?!

    To answer your question, I will answer it with another, Do you not have any cached things when you try to connect to the server? Secondly if so, have you tried unsubsribing from the modpack and resubscribe it forces it to redownload the files needed to play.
  23. Connection problems?!

    So im getting the duplicate UID thing as well people keep telling me to wait till you guys reset the server or something like that. also, i tried deleting my cache folder but its not there. so do i wait for a restart or re-download idk what to do but i wanna play >.>
  24. Connection problems?!

    Thank you. I did delete my cache files but I still get the same error.
  25. Connection problems?!

    This will occur when you maybe timeout while downloading and try to connect again to quickly. I would suggest deleting your cache. Be subscribed to our workshop content. If you are disconnected in future close and reopen the game before attempting to connect again.
  26. Connection problems?!

    Hi, I think this is a really great server. For some reason, I keep getting an issue when I try to connect and it prevents me from joining by saying "Unable to connect" "Duplicate UID" Thank you
  27. Connection problems?!

    Thank you for this, had the problem of my cache not liking me, with the m60 machine gun.
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